John has always wanted to get to the root cause of a health problem. Whether it was 26 years ago suggesting my partner had candida and providing an immediate solution that turned symptoms around in days and saved us years of suffering. Or providing a nutrition plan for my Vitiligo which gave great results in weeks. He is just a genius when it comes to health. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Fred C
Kirkland, WA

 Hi John, You'll be happy to know the regimen you prescribed for my prostate cancer has brought my PSA back down to 13.4 from 16.7 in January. Also, all the swelling and discomfort is long gone. Thank you so much for your great work.

Joe B.

 Hi John, I'm so glad that I met you and I followed the prescribed nutritional plan. My health has definitely improved.

Also, my HDL numbers are awesome, 91. The nurse commented that I would never suffer a heart attack with a 91, excellent HDL number. In essence, I'm enjoying foods that I couldn't eat before, and most important, I'm regular every morning.

Thank you,

Grace G
Bellevue WA

 John, my doctor took me off of my Glipizide medication and cut my insulin more than half because my blood sugar dropped so much with your recommendations. My blood sugar has continued low so he has now taken me off Metformin and is tapering off my insulin. I should be medication free by May 2015. 

You were right, type II diabetes can be cured. Thanks for your help.

Leslie W.
Redmond, WA

 Hi John,

Things are really good on my side: Have lost 7 pounds. ( slow and steady with this one). Back to working full time and loving it. Went yesterday for a 16.4 miles cycle with my nephew. Go to the gym and can do a 60 min body balance class. Long story short:  I have my life back, my mood is light and full of hope, I work full time most weeks and love it and I exercise on a regular basis. What a difference 4 months can make. 

Thank you very much for the role you have played in my Fibromyalgia recovery!

Kind Regards    
Irma B

To Whom It Concerns,

I am an endurance athlete who adopted a totally vegan diet a year ago. After about six months of continued training I began experiencing pain in my upper quads. I decided to contact John so that he could evaluate my diet and nutrition. He performed a thorough and detailed nutritional assessment and identified a couple of suspected deficiencies. He then recommended a specific course of action that I implemented. After just a couple of weeks I was pain free and was able to resume a heavy training schedule. I am very pleased with my results and thankful for John's expert analysis.

Bill C.
Bozeman, MT

Hi John: I wanted you to know that my change in supplements and diet has had a HUGE difference in how I feel-more calm, more energetic and much more up beat. Wow, and it has been less than a week. I will report back later on weight loss progress and getting off meds. I feel so energized! Thank you for your great report.

Mary Ann E.
Seattle, WA

Hey John, my symptoms are a LOT better and I'm also I'm sleeping much better. Thank you for the great nutrition assessment and supplement information. I feel great.

Scott T.
Seattle WA

A friend referred me to John after my doctor took me off all medications and recommended I find someone specialized in digestive problems. John not only looked at my digestion but found some other nutritional problems as well. Under his guidance digestion and elimination problems really improved and my energy and sleep improved also. I'm amazed at how much of a difference his nutrition suggestions have made for me. I strongly recommend his services for anyone with similar problems.

Jerry D
Pullman, WA

John, I admit I was skeptical when you told me you had good results with cancer clients. I just had my follow-up exam with my oncologist after 4 weeks on your diet revisions and he declared my rectal cancer is no longer detectable and my blood tests are now in the normal range again. Thank you so much for helping me back to health. I was so lucky to find you. You are a real angel!

John S
Anchorage, AK

When I met John, I had been through six years of pain from a broken tailbone. I was recovering from surgery to remove the tailbone and my progress was one step forward, two steps back. I was having difficulty healing. John immediately did my nutrition assessment and gave me tangible goals to improve my nutrition. I am now taking all steps forward!  My improvement was immediate. As I continue to work with him through nutrition, I am finally healing and feeling better than I have in years! With the consent of my doctor, I have been able to stop a lot of medicines that were causing side effects as I continue to get better. John is very knowledgeable about nutrition and continues to coach me back to health! Thanks John!

Kathy S
Redmond, WA

Wow! Two weeks after your nutrition recommendations, a follow-up visit to my doctor found no indication of the prostate cancer. He didn't know how to explain this sudden remission, but I credit your nutrition advise. I will continue to take the supplements and stay on the other diet revisions you suggested as maintenance. Thank you so very much for your help. You're a life saver! God bless you.

Dave L.
Des Moines, WA 

My ankle has finally healed completely and I have also been able to exercise harder with improved recovery! I credit this to the new supplement regimen that you advised. Thank you!!

Anonymous Response
Online Survey

Your nutrition advice was right on. Sleeping much better and my IBS symptoms are VERY much improved. I very much appreciate your explaining how my nutrition got out of balance and what main things I needed to do to get everything working right again.

Harvey C
Chicago, IL

I am impressed and sometimes amazed with your ability to be so perceptive.  Your nutritional assessment gave me the practical advice I needed to view my condition as treatable and within the range of nature’s ability to heal.  There is no measure of gratitude I can express than to tell you how thoroughly happy this makes me feel. 

Janey M.
Bothell WA 

VERY, VERY IMPRESSIVE -- your analysis and recommendations, that is!  I'm awe-struck at the care and thought you've obviously put into your analysis and explanations of the various foods, vitamins, etc. etc. as to their usefulness and expected results if a program is followed as outlined....VERY professional and, more importantly, CAREFULLY put-together, one can tell....

Mike C.
Seattle, WA

I haven't had a bruise since I started the diet revisions you suggested, and all my others have disappeared.  Wow!  Also the little trick to use for Hiatal Hernia works like a charm.  I was amazed. Thank You!!!

Penny J.
Redmond, WA

I am happy to tell you that I have gained 10lbs and my nasal congestion is much better, I would like to thank you for helping me and your tips have helped my life a lot, I have been feeling better through out the day!

Mukilteo, WA

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