Medical Nutrition Therapy,
The Natural Approach to Health Care

John W. Cartmell, MS
Clinical Nutritionist 

Insights and innovations in nutrition therapy
that can help you maintain health, prevent disease,
and decrease need for medications

Health is the state where all organs and systems are operating normally and in a balance with each other. Proper nutrition provides the body with the calories and nutrients needed to maintain health and prevent disease. The common symptom in every disease is the loss of health, and the restoration of health is the definition of cure. Nutrition is therefore the foundation for health, without which you can't obtain adequate exercise, quality sleep, adapt to stress, detoxify environmental toxins and metabolic wastes, or maintain and repair tissues that become damaged or dysfunctional. In this book, the author shares insights and innovations of nutrition therapies he has devised based on clinical experience and nutrition research studies.


John W. Cartmell, MS, has been a Clinical Nutritionist since 2005. He received a Master of Science degree in Nutrition Research from Bastyr University of Natural Medicine in 2004. He maintains a private practice in Whtefish MT, and a website at As a Clinical Nutritionist he specializes in helping to address individual nutritional concerns in clients with chronic or degenerative disease.

This book is available on Amazon as an e-book, and as a paperback at

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