A Nutritional Approach to
Prevention, Treatment and Cure

John W. Cartmell, M.S.
Certified Nutritionist

The breakthrough book on how improper nutrition may cause fibromyalgia,
and how proper nutrition may prevent, treat and even
cure the disease!

"After 20 years of suffering, I had almost given up hope.
This book turned my life around!"
Donna C. - San Diego, CA

This eBook is what fibromyalgia sufferers have been waiting for; a logical explanation for why they hurt, and an all natural way to recover their health by addressing unrecognized nutritional risk factors.

This eBooks is published by the author exclusively in digital format and is available for the Kindle Reader at

Web based eBooks have the advantage of instant download from anywhere in the world without added costs of shipping or handling. Unlike paper books or plastic CDs, eBooks are environmentally friendly and require no natural resources. EBooks also provide added security against copyright infringement from Internet sharing or reproduction of copies. For these and other reasons, many college libraries are now converting their book stores to digital form.

In these times of rising health care costs and economic uncertainty, finding alternative ways to maintain or restore health is more important than ever.

This book presents compelling evidence from nutrition and fibromyalgia research studies, that fibromyalgia, a disease of widespread soft tissue pain, may be caused by deficiencies in diet, digestion, and metabolism.

When these concerns are properly addressed, fibromyalgia  symptoms are seen to improve or resolve completely. Many people with fibromyalgia have fully recovered their health using this logical nutritional approach. (See testimonial my page for comments from some of my former clients.)

John W. Cartmell, MS, was a Licensed Massage Practitioner in Washington State from 1985- 2012., He has been licensed as a Certified Nutritionist since 2005. He received a master of science degree in nutrition research from Bastyr University of Natural Medicine in 2004. He maintains a private practice in Redmond, WA, and a website at As a certified nutritionist, he specializes in clinical nutrition, helping to address individual nutritional concerns in clients with chronic or degenerative disease. His published papers, letters and news articles on health and nutrition are available on his website.

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