Nutritional Considerations in Massage
by John W. Cartmell, LMP, MS

Published in "Swedish Journal of Functional & Nutritional Medicine" Summer 2010


As a massage practitioner since 1985 and a licensed nutritionist since 2005, I've observed many ways in which nutritional deficiencies of Calcium, Vitamins C and D, can affect the soft tissues, and how the risk and prognosis of conditions like yeast infections, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia can be affected by nutrition.

Calcium is an import mineral for both nerve and muscle function. Deficiency of calcium can cause irritability, sensitivity to pain and muscle spasms.1 Massage clients who are deficient in calcium can be extremely sensitive to pain with even light massage. They often report problems with muscle cramps, or may have cramps or involuntary muscle twitches during massage. When these clients are assessed for calcium nutrition they are usually found to have little or no calcium in the diet. A combination calcium-magnesium dietary supplement usually resolves these symptoms if vitamin D nutrition is sufficient.

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