Cancer:  A Patient's Perspective

by John W. Cartmell, MS

Published in "Frontier Perspectives" Spr/Sum1997
The Center for Frontier Sciences at Temple University;

reprinted in
Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients Feb/Mar 1998;
published in Swedish at:


If you ask someone who is in good health if they feel in balance, they'll always say yes. The balance of health requires adequate diet, rest, exercise and emotional stability and minimal exposure to toxins or other reactive substances. Promoting the normal balance of health can facilitate the treatment of any disease. This is particularly true with cancer where there is a general and profound loss of health. The single common symptoms in every disease is the loss of health, and this is the one symptom that is consistently overlooked in the treatment of cancer and other degenerative disease.

Having had leukemia for four years in the mid 1980s, and my health restored by a bone marrow transplant in 1988, I have a personal experience and interest in cancer and how best to promote the restoration of health in the face of this unique disease.

Normal cells are differentiated and specialized, requiring an oxygen metabolism to produce sufficient "ATP" (cellular fuel) to produce products and functions unique to specialized cells. The organization of individual cells into a specialized tissues and organs, and the aerobic metabolism that sustains them, is what defines both the cells and the organism they comprise as "higher life forms".

Research suggests that cancer is a progressive process of degeneration where cells no longer maintain a normal metabolism or high degree of differentiation and specialization. Optimizing nutrition and lifestyle in the cancer patient can help 1) enhance the metabolism, 2) detoxify the body to free up the immune system, 3) stimulate the immune system to remove abnormal cells and 4) promote the restoration of normal health. This general approach should be included in any cancer patient's care.

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