Massage Videos
"Techniques of Massage"

by John W. Cartmell, MS, LMP, CN

 These innovative techniques will enhance the knowledge and skill of beginners, students and massage professionals. 

Part 1 "The Basics" (1 hr. 15 minutes)

Simple and effective, these massage techniques are suited for both the novice and professional.  Learn how to assess and treat soft-tissue problems for easy, quick and lasting results.

This video shows how to identify common tension patterns in muscles and soft tissues and how to get quick and easy  relief from muscle aches and pain using traditional Swedish and specific Deep Tissue techniques.  Straight-forward and easy to learn, these innovative massage techniques are explained in terms that everyone can understand.

Many of these techniques can be adapted for use in the work place or home, even through clothes, without special oil, table or equipment.

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Part 2 "Problems of the Low Back and Hips" (1 hr. 5 minutes) 

This video builds on the concepts and techniques introduced in Part 1 "The Basics".  Specific techniques of assessment and massage are explored in more detail with a focus on problems of the low back and hips often associated with pain, sciatica or hip joint dysfunction.

As in the first video, techniques are demonstrated and explained in general terms that everyone can understand.

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Part 3 "Problems of the Upper Back, Neck and Shoulders" (1 hr. 10 minutes)

A natural addition to the assessment and treatment techniques demonstrated in Parts 1 and 2, this video explores in depth, soft tissue and structural  abnormalities associated with common problems of the upper back, neck and shoulders.  Massage techniques are explained and demonstrated with close-up detail giving a solid and comprehensive understanding of specific techniques and their application.

Continuing the easy to follow format of the first two videos, specific muscles are referred to in general terms that can be understood equally by the novice, professional or student.

Buy This DVD Video for $19.95 (USD)

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John W. Cartmell, MS, practiced massage in Washington State from 1985 to 2012, and has been a Certified Nutritionist since 2004. He obtained a Master of Science degree in nutrition research from Bastyr University of Natural Medicine in Kenmore, WA, doing his master's thesis on "Nutrition in Fibromyalgia".

He has been a public speaker since 2006 and has published papers and letters on health and nutrition in several professional journals. He appeared as a guest nutritionist on Seattle's KVI AM Radio "Real Medicine Show" in April 2011.

His book, Fibromyalgia:  A Nutritional Approach to Prevention, Treatment and Cure, is available in digital form on 

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